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about ScareGrounds PDX.
Staff was very courteous! Scares were great...lots of photos opportunities & characters walking around. Give yourself about 90-120 minutes to experience all 3 and the extras. Worth the price.
Ryan S. Google Review
HAHAHA You have to go, it's very good! I recommend you spend the whole night in the games and then go to the haunted houses, there are 3 houses in total!
Sun S. Google Review
Lots of Fun all around. Park by the roller coaster and walk in through the back. Oaks park rides don’t disappoint either. And for the IT girl….
Jamie B. Facebook Review
Really well made sets for each of their three haunted houses! The Silver Scream was a retro haunted maze with classic 80s horror vibes. The Complex was...in my opinion, the scariest! Grim Thorne...
Ryan H. Google Review
Props were really creative and the themes were good, one of the better put together haunted houses. The actors were very good and the customer service was great.my group and I had a lot of fun.
Kayla S. Google Review
Probably the most underrated haunt I've been to. Firstly, my group got to ride and re-ride attractions without delay. The lines for the haunted houses however did have a bit of a wait to them.
Namehere I. Google Review
If you're into haunted houses, this is definitely one you shouldn't miss! All three houses were well thought out with amazing special effects and staff that had excellent make-up. This is a destination...
George M. Google Review
Great value for haunted and scary experiences. Parking was easy to find. Extra activities we're also available for Halloween. Good crowd control.
Eugene L. Google Review
Three large house with different themes, all with fantastic effects. I don't scare easily, but the amount of screams and laughs my group shared made our night awesome. The actors were great, and...
Jesse D. Google Review
SO GOOD! this is are 3rd haunt this year (& we usually hit all the ones withing a hour drive ) this one is BY FAR the BEST! Great special effects, lots of people/ haunts with great costumes & interaction!
Joanna B. Google Review
Ok so you want a night out with the family, or a good date night? THIS IS THE PLACE!! Frights, food and fun...rides!!! This place has everything you need for entire evening of fun.
Troy C. Google Review
Amazing Halloween attraction. We went on Thursday. Short lines & plenty of jumps and scares. Thanks to the owner for all the entertainment. Keep up the good work & will be you again next year!
Shane S. Google Review