Q: What is ScareGrounds PDX?

A: ScareGrounds PDX (or, the Oaks Park ScareGrounds) is the Northwest’s Largest Haunted House and Halloween Event held annually at the Historic Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon. ScareGrounds PDX features Haunted Houses, Thrill Rides, All-Ages Attractions, Concessions, 21+ Beverages, Walkaround Characters, and more!

Q: Where is ScareGrounds PDX located?

A: ScareGrounds PDX is located just 3.5-miles from Downtown Portland at the Historic Oaks Amusement Park

Address: 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202

Q: What is the dates and times for ScareGrounds PDX?

A: View our calendar here.

Oaks Park (Rides, Games & Concessions): 6pm Open, Closes 1-hour prior to haunted attractions

ScareGrounds PDX (Haunted Attractions): 7pm to 11pm, 7pm to Midnight (Select Saturday/Sunday Nights)

Q: How do tickets work at ScareGrounds PDX?

A: Start by picking your desired date and time slot and add the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Your time slot is your arrival window to begin attending the haunted attractions. Your ticket grants you access to all 3 Haunted Houses and will be valid from your designated start time
until event close for that specific night.
Note: Ticket prices vary by date and time. Group discounts are
applied automatically in the cart.

Once you have selected your desired number of Haunted House Tickets, you will be given the option for add-on items such as our Oaks Park Rides Bracelet and Game Pass, which can be added for each ticket holder.

Automatically SAVE $5 off your Ride Bracelets when added to your Haunted House Tickets Oaks Park Ride Bracelets and Games Passes are valid for use the entire night, regardless of your Haunted House time slot.

We have an all new ticketing system for the haunted attractions this year and the process is easier than ever. Simply purchase your tickets online and your tickets will be emailed to you. We are paperless and will scan directly from your mobile device. No more waiting in line to check in or extra steps in the process — just show up and the fun begins!

Your Haunted House Ticket will be scanned at the entrance to each attraction and will grant you admission into each of the (3) Haunted Houses during your visit to ScareGrounds PDX. It will only be valid on your selected date and time.

Please note: your selected time is your start time for attending the haunted houses. Your tickets remain valid until the event closes for the evening. Oaks Park Ride Bracelets and Game Passes can be used the entire night.

Reserve your tickets early — the event will have a limited capacity and could sell out on specific nights.

Q: What is the Rewards Program?

A: Earn $$$ Back! When you purchase your tickets to ScareGroundsPDX, you will automatically be enrolled in our social referral program. We give you a special link and will reward you when tickets are purchased from that link, until you have earned back the original cost of your admission ticket!

Note: This Rewards program only applies to Haunted House Admission and does not include any Add-On items or fees.

Q: Does my ticket get me into all (3) Haunted Houses?

A: Yes, Your ticket grants you access to all 3 Haunted Houses (1-entry each) and will be valid from your designated start time until event close for that specific night.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: No! We do not have an age restriction at ScareGroundsPDX.

Children 12-years and under may attend if they are accompanied by an adult. Children must be able to walk on their own, must not be carried, and must adhere to all ScareGrounds policies while inside the attractions. There are emergency exits throughout each attraction should the experience end up being too scary.

Please keep in mind, there are no refunds at ScareGroundsPDX and we will not be able to refund tickets for individuals or youngsters who leave the attractions early.

Q: How long does it take to experience the event?

A: When attending ScareGroundsPDX, we recommend guests make a full night of it and experience ALL the Halloween Attractions and Thrill Rides the park has to offer. However, for guests who only go through the main (3) Haunted House Attractions, be prepared to stay at the event for at least (1) hour; if not longer depending on queue lines and attractions you wish to visit.

While all groups travel at different paces, all three of our haunted houses take approximately 10-minutes each to complete and there are a variety of other attractions and things to do around the grounds.

We have a HARD CLOSE at our listed closing times. Guests should try to show up at least an hour prior to closing to ensure that they have ample time to experience as much as possible at the ScareGrounds this year!

Q: Is there alcohol available at ScareGroundsPDX?

A: Ah — perhaps the most important question we’ve asked yet… and the answer is: YES!

Oaks Amusement Park will be serving 21+ Adult Beverages. Click here to view Oaks Parks Menu.

Q: Is the event open during rain or other inclement weather?

A: ScareGrounds PDX is open rain or shine.

All Haunted Attractions have indoor (covered) and outdoor segments. Only portions of the queue lines are covered under tents. If there are long lines, there is a chance you could be waiting in whatever weather the great Northwest provides us. Umbrellas are allowed, however they must be closed and kept closed throughout your time inside the attractions.

In true Northwest fashion, Oaks Amusement Park rides will be open rain or shine!

Prior to your visit, please check the weather and dress appropriately!

Q: Will there be Security and/or Event Staff on-site?

A: Yes! ScareGroundsPDX will have uniformed security and event staff on-site in addition to Oaks Amusement Parks Security and full Event Staff.

Q: Are the Haunted Houses Wheelchair Accessible?

A: While we design our attractions to be wheelchair accessible, some of the pathways are on non-paved areas and may be difficult to navigate with rainy weather and guest traffic. If you need assistance or have any questions we encourage you to reach out to help@vendettaproductions.com.

We recommend push chairs while attending the ScareGrounds.

Q: Is there a cost for parking?

A: Parking costs $3 per car.

Q: Will Oaks Park rides & midway be open every night?

A: Not quite. The rides and midway will be closed October 23, 24, 30, Nov 3 and 4.