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Featuring FOUR ALL NEW Haunted Houses for 2016!

Return to the Asylum haunted house at the Clark County ScareGrounds

After the Green Run incident the year prior, the Doctor managed to evade police and left town without a trace. He quickly set plans in motion to restart his research in a new and improved facility. You have been selected to participate in his next experiment, whether willing or not… and this time, no one leaves alive.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Asylum in 2015, we have brought the theme back for 2016 with an all new layout and scares!

Night Terrors haunted house at the Clark County ScareGrounds

Pushing the boundaries of Fringe science, a research group opened a portal to the Otherside; a decaying reality on another plane of existence, fueled by all of the darkness and hate in our world. We were never supposed to go there… we shouldn’t have gone… but we did anyways. Crossing over was simple, like walking through a closet, but finding the way out of this labyrinth has become impossible. You and your friends have become trapped in the Otherside and must escape the nightmare.

The Lost Colony haunted house logo by the Clark County ScareGrounds

The mistake was theirs alone, and now everyone must pay the price. They hunted the witch and brought this evil into our world. The witch cursed the town of Roanoke to an eternity of torment in a very special version of purgatory. Now, anyone who lays foot on the cursed soil will endure the same fate. Unless, there is a way to escape?…

After hearing the rumors of the nearby secret government base, Area 51, you and your group go to the site to investigate. Travel to the depths of the base with a secret elevator, through the endless labs and specimen cells, and unlock the secrets Area 51 is hiding while confronting terrors from out of this world. Sneaking into Area 51 was the easy part – escaping alive will be the true challenge.

Our monster's are waiting!

Dates & Times: The Clark County ScareGround's are open Weekends throughout October!

  • Ticket Booth opens at 6:00pm
  • October 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31*
  • Haunted Attractions open at 7:00pm
  • Ticket booth closes at 10:00pm (11:00pm on select nights).
  • We keep haunting until we’ve scared all of the ticket-holders off of the property (or buried the ones that didn’t survive!)

Location & Parking: The ScareGrounds is conveniently located at the Clark County Event Center, 17402 NE Delfel Rd, Ridgefield, WA 98642. Parking is FREE (included in ticket price)

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